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Pickups and accessories for electric guitars, bass guitars, and banjos

Most of the components of TESLA pickups are handmade, which ensures the sound quality is on par with advanced American brands.

The bright sound of TESLA, much like the sparks in Nikola Tesla’s plasma lamp, strives to fill all the assigned space.

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Tesla pickups

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TESLA pickups — the absolute tone superiority

The TESLA brand was created and registered in Seoul, South Korea, in 2002, but the history of creating the brand began long before that — in 1972, when the father of the current CEO of the company, Lucas Kim, started a business to produce TESLA pickups within the walls of his own home.

Today, the TESLA team is truly a multinational collective working on two continents, with many years of experience behind them, creating both classic and innovative pickups for electric guitars, bass guitars, and even banjos.

All TESLA craftsmen are experienced musicians and are interested in producing the best quality products for both professionals and beginners. Therefore, TESLA developers do not sit idle, but improve production technologies, strive to create and present cutting-edge and innovative products at numerous exhibitions such as NAMM, Frankfurt Musikmesse, Music China, and many others.




TESLA guitar pickups humbucker


A wide selection of active and passive humbuckers for all guitarists alike. Whether you aim for that recognizable classic vintage sound or the modern heavy and powerful tones, with TESLA humbuckers you are getting a boutique-level solution at a budget price.

TESLA guitar pickups start


A versatile collection of single coil pickups that offers everything from the classic hand-wound coils that deliver the signature glassy sound to specialized noise cancelling models with stacked bobbins for heavier tones.

TESLA guitar pickups start

TESLA guitar pickups special


A broad assortment of specialized guitar pickups that do not fit the description of your typical humbucker or single coil pickup. Try out TESLA’s recreations of the iconic Telecaster, Lipstick, or P90 pickups all made using special winding techniques to bring out the great tones of the past.


TESLA bass pickups 4 string


TESLA offers an abundance of 4-string bass pickups covering everything from classic jazz and precision style instruments to noiseless models with dual bobbins and even unique bass humbuckers for that deep, punching, and powerful low end.

TESLA bass pickups 5 string


TESLA’s powerful line-up of bass pickups ready for the extended range bass instruments offering the same deep, punching, and very powerful bass sound in addition to noise-cancelling capabilities in both single coils and humbuckers.

TESLA bass pickups 5 string

TESLA bass pickups 6 string


TESLA’s very own CORONA series passive bass humbucker is now available for 6-string instruments. With deep and rich lows and punchy midrange, it features waxed and shielded coils which results in the maximum noise reduction you can get from a pickup.


TESLA pickups banjo

Once again in our interest with banjos we’ve created a beautiful Mahogany Banjo Jack Bracket available in chrome and gold, easy to mount, attractive to look at and very practical. Enjoy the bracket in combination with our selection of Banjo Pickups.



TESLA pickups review

As a rock / heavy bass player I highly recommend Tesla “Vintage Reflection” VR-B3 pickup to all of you who are looking for that unique 60s and 70s vintage bass tone, high quality pickups for great price and no meter what style of music you play I am sure that you will love them from the first tone!

Nik Marcos

TESLA pickups review
Opus-4 & VR-Extreme

The Opus-4 is my absolute favorite pickups. I’m very proud to have been part of the prototype testing of the Opus-4 pickups. I can’t get enough of them!

The VR-Extreme where spot on! I just loved them from the start. The bridge pickup is razor sharp and the neck pickup warm and clear.

Morgan Pettersson

TESLA pickups review
Plasma-RS1 and Plasma-FH1

I love Tesla Pickups! The first thing I noticed about the Plasma RS-1 in the neck position was the great “quack” and “woody” tone that I love. It’s a very smooth, Classic sounding pickup with great clarity. My Plasma FH-1 in the bridge is just a great “crunchy” “rock” sounding pickup with great harmonics, clarity and sustain.

Mark Claytor
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